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Bun Sreymoch

Everything is our life is a reflection of our choice we have made, if you want a different result, make a different choice.

There are a lot of activities that we can do regarding to environmental protection. What make a difference is the implementation and public participation. It’s a key challenge for us to get community to get involve and create their own activities toward environment protection.

The really interesting part is that this community here is very involved and they actually  take action. They really put a lot of effort to help the City promote a healthy environment, including green building, energy efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable transportation, water conservation, a reduced carbon footprint, and related matters.

I find it really interesting during my first time attending the city council meeting at the city hall of Hermosa Beach city, what really got my attention was the public participation where anyone can go up and speak about whatever they want for 3 minute. It’s something that we don’t really do in Cambodia, that I think one of the reason why we don’t get much involvement from the community. I mean how can you get people to participate when they don’t even know what is the government is doing regarding to planning or implementation. The ways we works back at my home country are so much differences from here, I guess these things are happening to other developing countries too.

We have limited of everything, some part of the world are rich in natural resource but lacking of human resource to manage and generate those resource into sustainable development for their next generation. I think the only resource that the future world is really needed is Human resource.

We all make more than one decisions a days whether it’s small or big decision, making decision isn’t hard if it’s not effect many people beside yourself but when it’s come to important decision especially when it could affects somebody else life, making decision isn’t simple and easy anymore, you have to be wise to make smart decision. Every creature are unique, people have different opinion and it’s another challenge if you have too many people in the group having different idea trying to make one best decision that can benefit for all. What I really want to say is working as a leader or government sector where you have to be very careful in making decision for the people are is not an easy job. I really admire leaders out there in the world who can stand strong and build their own nation into a better place.


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