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5 Intriguing Innovations in Local Government Management

Are you as amazed by the technologically advanced times we live in as I am?  With innovations like smartphones, self-driving cars, Apple watch, drones, ingenious apps, and the plethora of other cutting-edge technologies on the market today, one can conclude that the future is now. Local governments are at the forefront of developing and adopting some of these innovations, and I’ve identified five of my favorites:

  1. Camden County, Georgia, has found a way to save time and expenses by implementing an electronic search warrant system. This system connects officers to judges directly, day or night, through the Internet.
  2. Local governments are at the forefront of implementing technology to lower costs and promote energy efficiency. Check out how these local utility districts in Tennessee are using state grants to make energy efficient improvements to their drinking water and wastewater systems in this article from Tennessee Public Works Magazine.
  3. Read about how the city of Mesa, Arizona, is using robotics for education and accessibility in its public libraries.
  4. During emergencies and disasters, technology has played a strong role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local responders.  FEMA has launched this geospatial data and analytics software that crowd sources the ranking of images taken during disasters. FEMA can then disseminate this information to local emergency managers and responders.
  5. One of the most promising applications of technology for local governments has been the increased ability to collect, process, and then act on data.  This article from GovTech describes how local governments are using data visualization to help solve such issues as inequality and poverty.

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Douglas Shontz

Knowledge Network Intern