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Kansas: League of Municipalities

Another fortunate event while we're here in Kansas State is to be able to participate in the 107th League of Kansas Municipalities annual conference which was held in the capital city of Kansas, Topeka.


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This year's theme was "City Essentials" which focuses on the basics of governing a local level and sharing best practices from different cities. The gathering was a great time for City Officials to network and learn from each other on how challenges are being address in their localities.



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The conference offered workshops for City Officials to enhance their leadership abilities and develop their existing knowledge in local governance. I had the chance to join 2 workshops titled "Team Building for your Governing Body and Operating your Government More Efficiently and Effectively". The workshops were presented by commissioners, city managers and administrators.


The first workshop thought me the importance of working as a team to advance stakeholder's and community's interest. They have provided several tips on how to overcome differences and develop an atmosphere that enables positive team dynamics. The second workshop thought me how to strategically develop a plan that could do more with less. Different localities have also shared how they've managed to work with their limited resources given the increasing demand of the citizen.



I find gatherings like this essential to City Officials because it helps them gain perspective of the challenges of different localities and best practices in addressing it. It also helps them to network with like-minded individuals for future city to city collaboration and development.



Did you know?


Topeka City is widely known for its Zoo which housed the one-year old Sumatran Tiger triplets and recognized for its numerous art galleries and antique shops.





Luke Owsley

Thanks for sharing what you learned from the workshops. Neat that it worked out with the schedule for you to attend. Hope you enjoyed the baseball game last night!

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