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City of Lee's summit, a well-preserved community

Farrah Inihao

City Hall of Lee's summit

It is already my third day in the city of Lee's summit. Within these three days, I have met a lot of people in the city hall: the city manager and his assitants (one of them is our main coordinator), the city director of administration and the assistant chief of the fire department, staff members from the law offices and the administration office. I've felt the very warm welcome from the people here from the very first day in the city. All the people i have talked to are very passionate for their jobs and their city. The city of Lee's summit is small, yet well-preserved in both the physical aspect such as buildings and stuff and the community and conservative spirit of the people toward their city.


I am also suprised that everyone here in the city are aware of our visit and they are just there ready to welcome us and take us along. I and another fellow were taken to the art fair (happens once a year) and the Kansas Zoo on the weekend when we arrived. On my first day at my office at the city hall, I was so surprised by the work done just for having us in. The welcome sign was placed on my one-month computer and office phone. And the assistant manager was so thoughtful that she also left a dollar note on my desk for my break time :-)!! What could I ask for more! I had the chance on the first day to attend the cabinet meeting in the morning and to hear about the schedule and to go around the city with the assistant chief of the fire department in the afternoon. I was so impressed by how much he can tell about the city development. My second day was spent with the Leadership training of Lee's summit in which i had a chance to visit the Long View Mainson and their elementary school in the morning and the national museum in the atfernoon. I am so touched by the people's dedication to keep the history alive. My third day here was half spent with a meeting on budget and finance, which is very complicated, yet interesting, very different from my country on how the finance here is managed. The fun part is coming in the afternoon: shopping at the Walmart and the baseball game!! woo hoo!!




I do look forward to having another fruiful weeks ahead and I am quite sure that they will be. :-)


Lindsay Lucas

I cannot wait to hear more about your experience. I love small town America and i am so happy you are able to experience it as well.

Sokgech heng

Sokgech heng

My next blog is coming on this Friday. Stay tuned :-D

Luke Owsley

Glad you have been able to get a glimpse of city government and have experienced some good Midwestern hospitality. That's fun you went to the KC zoo - I haven't been back there since I was little. Did you enjoy the baseball game last night?

Sokgech heng

Sokgech heng

I did, through live broadcast though. I and Farrah were brought to a sport bar " 810 Zone" and a lot of people were cheering from there, lots of fun. Another experience!

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