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10/05/2015 Week in Review

Fall 2015 has arrived! The leaves are turning, the weather is getting cooler, and great content is being added to the Knowledge Network. This past week you may have been too enamored by the beautiful fall foliage and overlooked these great resources:

  1. Now that 2015 ICMA Annual Conference is over, you can reflect on it through the 2015 Conference Blog or look at these 20 tweetable takeaways from the Leadership {RE}imagined blog. Subscribe to the Leadership {RE}imagined blog to discover leadership best practices and tips.
  2. Check out exemplary local government programs in the 2015 ICMA Awards booklet.
  3. Read in this blog post how being an engineer for the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Environmental Management Bureau gave this professional a chance to make a difference. Create a conversation by commenting on this inspiring post at the bottom of the page.
  4. A hot topic this year is Performance Management and Analytics. This article from ICMA’s Center for Performance Analytics outlines some suggestions on how to utilize performance data for measuring the future.
  5. Anyone that has been following the situation in South Carolina can see how flooding can have immediate and long-term impacts on communities. This article has identified resources to help deal with the unique challenges that come with a flood emergency.
  6. What cases might the Supreme Court of the United States take on this term? Learn from this Supreme Court preview.
  7. The In the Know blog provided an overview of the 311/CRM Systems blog and highlighted 3 posts.
  8. Also this new report, Creating a Welcoming and Connected City: The Philadelphia Experience, provides a case-study examination of leading practices in 311/CRM systems.

In the Know CTA

What fall events does your community have planned? Post information on your events below and they could be featured in an upcoming blog post.

Douglas Shontz

Knowledge Network Intern