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Featured Blog: Sustainable Communities

To celebrate and recognize all the great ICMA blog posts that have been written this year, for the remainder of 2015, on a bi-weekly basis, In the Know will feature strong content from Knowledge Network blogs you might not always be aware of or had the time to peruse.

The first blog that we are featuring is one of my personal favorites.  Sustainable Communities was launched by ICMA’s Center for Sustainable Communities in 2012 following the June 2012 special edition of PM magazine devoted to sustainability. This Sustainable Communities blog discusses new strategies, tools, resources and ideas for creating stronger, more resilient and sustainable communities.  The writers cover a wide range of topics including: brownfields, climate change, energy efficiency, food security, resilience, solar energy, and sustainability.  Here are some posts we encourage you to check out:

  1. This post shows how distressed communities can use incentives to help in their recovery. 
  2. Learn how the town of Milton, New Hampshire, was able to lower its energy costs by installing a solar garden.
  3. In 2014 this blog covered 7 strategies on how local governments can build community wealth, from supporting worker cooperatives as an economic development strategy to promoting community investment funds.
  4. This post is the first of three on the topic of asset-based economic development and building sustainable rural communities.
  5. Did you know that improving walkability can help you promote sustainability?  This post is a great resource for exploring the topic of community walkability.

Are there topics not yet covered in Sustainable Communities for which you need information? Let us know by postingyour comments below.

Douglas Shontz

Knowledge Network Intern