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Highlights From In the Know During the Week of August 17, 2015

10 resources you don’t want to miss out on!

  1. Municipalities have saved more than $700 billion in interest between 2000 and 2014.  This is just one of the key findings from the new public policy white paper, “Municipal Bonds and Infrastructure Development—Past, Present, and Future,” prepared by Justin Marlowe of the University of Washington on behalf of ICMA’s Government Affairs and Policy Committee. Learn more by checking out this article summarizing the findings.
  2. Strategic partner IBM added two documents to the Knowledge Network this past week.  The first is an infographic on emergency management for the 21st century. This second is an IBM Redguide™ publication discussing IBM’s public safety solutions.
  3. Governing recently shed light on the importance of customer experience in local government, and this blog post identifies 5 resources from ICMA on how to provide good customer service.
  4. ICMA CityLinks just announced that two more cities have been selected for the Climate Adaptation Partnership Program.
  5. Local governments have been dealing with the new economic realities of recycling in recent months, and this article identifies 7 ideas for adapting.
  6. Suwanee, Georgia, is promoting sustainability and clean energy by installing a dual-head, level three, fast-charging station for electric vehicles at its town center.  Learn more about this project in this article.
  7. From July 29 - August 7, 2015, The USAID-funded Waste Management Technologies in Regions program organized its second summer eco-camp for 24 winners of the Waste to Craft competition.
  8. This Government Affairs & Public Policy blog post poses an important question: Will the SCOTUS issue a big blow to public sector unions in its Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association ruling?
  9. For a limited time, ICMA is offering its Back-to-School Collection, a set of discounted publications for local government management professionals of all experience levels.
  10. Have a new job? Check out this blog post describing 5 ICMA resources on transitioning into a new position in local government.

What went on in your communities this past week? Share your stories below.

Douglas Shontz

Knowledge Network Intern