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News to You? 10 Interesting KN Resources You May Have Missed Since 7/20/2015

  1. The ICMA Center for Sustainable Communities reports on the progress of the National Resource Network and its efforts to encourage cities to work together to tackle tough economic challenges.
  2. Ending the “digital divide” is an essential part of encouraging millennial participation in activities related to local government.
  3. This year’s Annual Conference will feature a number of ICMA University workshops that can help local government professionals stay up-to-date on the latest technology.
  4. The city of Lynchburg’s deputy city manager and former president of the ICMA Executive Board, Bonnie Svrcek, visits Esri, a company that specializes in geographical information, to learn how geospatial data technology can assist local government in the area of human services.
  5. Chris Cappelli, Esri’s corporate director, shares 10 tips from his own experiences on how local governments can establish a collaborative environment that helps GIS technology deliver the desired results.
  6. Cynthia Seelhammer, county manager of Coconino County, notes Chinese students’ thoughts on volunteerism and altruism.
  7. Our southeast regional director, Randall Reid, reflects on ICMA Insights™ and how it supports ICMA’s mission.
  8. In this Knowledge Network article, Tom Markus, city manager for Iowa City, gets ready to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia, as part of the Professional Fellows Exchange Program.
  9. Results of a recently completed independent audit of Grand Rapids’ 311 Customer Service System identify “amazing” accomplishments made since its launch and show that the system is quickly becoming a business model for 311 centers across the country.
  10. Read in this blog post how customer service is fast becoming a core competency for local governments.

Which of these KN resources did you find to be most helpful? Share your comments below.

Jordyn Moore

Knowledge Network Intern