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ICYMI June 8-12

This past week has been very eventful for ICMA and the Knowledge Network.  The In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) blog post lets you catch up on it all, all at once:

  1. Just posted this past week is the latest version of the ICMA Code of Ethics.
  2. Check out newly posted solar energy resources on the solar energy topic page in the Knowledge Network.
  3. Learn why it’s important to collect and monitor data in administering 311/CRM systems.
  4. This discussion guide (and ICMA Recommended content!) is a companion to Dan Pink on To Sell Is Human, the 10th video in the ICMA Leading Ideas Series.
  5. Discover how the Durham County, North Carolina, Department of Social Services reduced paper and strengthened processes through smart technology and innovation.
  6. ICMA’s International Committee just published this white paper on principles and practices in good local governance.
  7. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on multiple cases that directly impact local governments.  The best way to follow these rulings is to check out the Government Affairs & Public Policy blog.
  8. In this article, read about 3D printing available for public access in county libraries.
  9. Heading to the beach or have some free time?  Peruse this hot summer reading list for local government professionals.
  10. Interested in waste management technologies?  If so, check out this quarterly newsletter from the Waste Management Technology in Regions.
  11. To build community planning resources and support for areas hit by a disaster, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) launched a coordinated effort called CPCB RSF (Community Planning and Capacity Building Recovery Support Function). Learn about this initiative, ICMA’s involvement, and how your community might benefit.
  12. Get a glimpse behind innovation in local government by reading this interview with Executive Assistant to the City Manager Stephanie Smith and Deputy City Manager Jerene Watson,  city of Flagstaff, Arizona.
  13. The city of Ferndale, Michigan, developed an early college program to get its youth more interested in a career in law enforcement.
  14. This past weekend I visited an urban open space zone and was inspired to write this blog post on 8 resources for open space development.
  15. This article discusses the path to a regional permitting solution and the new normal.
  16. Check out this update on ICMA’s Fund for Professional Management and Life, Well Run campaign.
  17. This list will help you build a foundation of trust and strengthen relationships and collaborative skills within your community.
  18. Jerry Schulz, vice president for GovHR USA, discusses why data and analytics are not only for big governments.
  19. ICMA’s Center for Performance Analytics writes this interesting blog post on data in action.
  20. As always, provide your local government insights by answering questions posted on the Knowledge Network. 

What are some topics that you would like to see in articles and/or blog posts on the Knowledge Network? Please share your comments below.

Douglas Shontz

Knowledge Network Intern