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I have been reading the book of President Obama “Dream from my Father” when I was travelling to Chicago, Illinois last month and browsing and going through the pages has kept me so into it and was so inspired about how he put into his acts into words.

When Lindsay of ICMA emailed us about the White House visit, I was not surprised because I was expecting it for sure that he will be meeting us. So I prepared a list of questions lifted quotes from his book and incorporated it with my questions. Unfortunately, I was not called to asked him a question. So I will take this opportunity to blog and post my most desired questions.

So my question is lengthily prepared just to give an overview why I raised the question.

  1. Philippines is not as powerful as any countries in Southeast Asia. With the recent aggressive island reclamations in China Seas the Philippines has been protesting it in the United Nations.

In your book “The Dreams from my Father” you wrote “ Better to be strong, he said…”If you cannot be strong, be clever and make peace with someone who is strong. Bu always better to be strong yourself

My question is, Mr. President is it wise for the Philippines and any other ASEAN countries to cede and be friends with China or continue its alliance with the US? How would the US pivot in the region if China lose the arbitration in the UN what could be its legal effect or diplomatic consequence that the US can commit to imposing?

This question is similar to what was answered by the president on China issue, BUT what I want to know is up to what extent or what should the US impose should the UN arbitration favors Philippines.

  1. You once said “change wont come from the top, change wil come from mobilized grassroots” Mr. President for the past 2 terms what were your administrations best policies in helping mobilizing local government unit which is inclusive and sustainable?

My final question is on the gender equality especially among LGBTI

  1. Your domestic policies on women/gender equality has been very strong, what do you think is the real issue with gender among LGBTI?

So some of this questions might sound the same and were answered indirectly from the recent policies and statements from the US government.

But of course it should have been an amazing experience to have ask a question to the President and directly hear him answering.

But again thank you to ICMA, USDS and YSEALI for giving us the opportunity to be in the US