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Community Gardening

Chee Kai Ng, Malaysia

Organizing Grantee: ICMA

YSEALI Theme: Civic Engagement

Host: City of Rocky Mount, NC


What you will do with a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Buyout Land which no permanent infrastructure is allowed? One of the initiatives that City of Rocky Mount did is create a community garden where folks can grow their own vegetables and fruits. Don’t you think it is awesome?

There are so many benefits that I can figure out from this community gardening. In terms of health, eating more vegetables and fruits, as well as be physically active during gardening will help us do better in weight control and chronic diseases prevention. In addition, the community garden also serves as a platform to bring family and neighborhood closer to each other. It is also helping in green house gas reduction and increase quality of live. Wow… I think every community should have their community garden.

Two YSEALI Professional Fellows have the opportunity to work in the community garden with their host over the weekend.






wow nice, i made to like this, anyway i have an apartment in bahrain and properties in abu dhabi both places arelooking for a garden liken this anyway thanks alote


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