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Sreedaran Raman, Malaysia

Organizing Grantee: ICMA

YSEALI Theme: Environmental Sustainability

Host: City of Dubuque, IA

Since university days I was very active in volunteering activities. It is manner of fulfilling sensation that I have obtained when accomplishing various volunteering projects which can’t be explained by words makes me passionate about these works.

Rotaract Club ( )

Previously, I have served as the President of Rotaract Club of Kota Melaka back in 2009/2010 by means of a leadership and charitable notion sponsored by Rotary Club of Kota Melaka. Rotaract club is a youth wing of  rotary club for youths between the age of 18 to 30. Among notable projects commenced while I was the President of the club were Charity Fund Raising Golf Tournament for Cataract Patients of Melaka General Hospital, Charity Fund Raising Treasure Hunt for Disable and orphanage homes and Rotary Youth Leadership Award (kind of summer leadership camp for secondary school students.

Last 2009 I have represented Rotary District 3310 to Staffordshire, England as a team member of Group Study Exchange for a cultural and vocational program.

Ever since after I have graduated from Rotaract member due to boundary of age, I have continued I have continued my exceptional volunteering in professional areas i.e Instituion of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and Association of Registered Engineering Services for Disaster Relief (RedR), Malaysia.

Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) ( )

On track as a regular corporate member shortly I have obtained my Professional Engineer Certifications; then I got myself involved in the working committee of Water Resources Technical Division.

 The core function of IEM through its technical division is to provide continual education for the engineers in their relevant field.

Throughout involvement and contribution in this committee I have had organised several public forum, technical talks, and technical site visits for the members.

Recently, I was elected as the incoming Council member of IEM and Chairman of IEM’s annual Engineering Week celebration which will be held on the second week of September every year. The highlight of the week was half marathon run known as Engineer’s run and organizing an Engineering Innovation Competition and Exhibition.

Association of Registered Engineering Services for Disaster Relief (RedR), Malaysia ( )



RedR is an international organization, which train and deploy engineers to disaster impact areas all over the world to provide emergency engineering relief services such as providing water supply, building temporary accommodation and rebuilding of damaged infrastructure.

Currently RedR Malaysia is still at an early stage where we are concentrating for training supplementary engineers to be certified for disaster relief aid personnel where each candidate has to endure safety and survival courses in disaster matter so they can survive their own and doesn’t cause an expense to others for their safety.

 Since this is a non-profit organization; most the courses conducted are paid events and to encourage more engineers to volunteer normally RedR will subsidies heavily on the course fees.

As such, to accommodate the financial need we organize numbers of fund raising activities. Recently on April 19, 2015 we have successfully organized a fund raising Golf tournament which was attended by the King of Perlis State who is the patron of RedR Malaysia.

Throughout this event we have managed to accumulate nearly USD 55,000 for the Association to carry out more training and deployments. Currently I was elected as the Vice President of RedR Malaysia.


Apart from my interest in books and movies I have three new found hobbies that I would like to share.

Scuba Diving

Started last year with a group of close buddies, I carried out an open water certification at Payar Island, Malaysia and since then we have dived more than 30 times in Malaysia and once in Koh Lanta Thailand. Most of the dives were hosted by a private diving group known as Scuba De Be Do. Recently just a month before this YSEALI trip we have volunteered to build from scratch an artificial reef which will function as fish house at Tioman Island. 




It’s called Original Bootcamp Malaysia where we meet twice or thrice a week at an outdoor field for an hour of high intensity fitness training.

Still enduring while besieged to complete the session wholly as it is really challenging however it is exuberant. The program is conducted by professional trainers which involves self-body weight training work-outs.







A couple of months ago, I started attending Piano lessons for beginners with course mates aged 12 years and below. I am thankful to God; it was one to one session and I need not sit with the other learners. I am currently working at Grade 1 as I am working hard to be exceptionally excellent at this as it is one of my childhood visions which I can only materialize now. 

got myself a keyboard as a commencement and making headway now. Precaution; ahead of you want me to play; I have to give to declare a disclaimer that the songs will be at elementary level.



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