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Dubuque: Home for the Arts and Sciences

Yesterday, I took the opportunity of living the American way taking advantage of my free time. I jogged and roamed around the city. The city of Dubuque is one of the oldest city In America founded by a Canadian tradesman Julien Dubuque. As I ran fast and slow around, I frequently made stop over at the stores my first stop was an art gallery, it wasn’t just an art gallery of portraits on canvass, or photographs on postcards and matte. The place was filled with all different kinds of handcrafts, jewelleries and interesting installations. After viewing the 3 rooms I left and bid my kind farewell to the shop owner. Took another run fast and slow and there I found another shop and another shop and again another shop all filled and selling all kinds of artworks unique and originally made in Dubuque! I must say WOW these pavements offers a lot of arts. As I kept chasing pavements I ended up to the highest peak that I could afford to run and enjoyed the overlooking view of the city of Dubuque. I must say it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Heading back to my hotel was pondering on the things I have written about America, the top 5, the individual respect and I told myself America is not bad at all! It has complete package of good local governance which is most important In individuals in the community, sciences which is highly global and arts which has grown from hundreds of years that the country has ever fought for its independence from Britain.

Indeed, it takes one to experience the reality and I invite everyone who have read this to share and experience this reality with me! Come to Dubuque and see, live and experience Midwest!  

Ps. il be posting the "sciences" version soon!

to be continued...