One moment...

I have been in the USA for the past 9 days, Yes! 9 days it was really a very awesome experience...and today is something that is very unique since its my FREE day! and finally, the jet lag is all gone. So enough with pasakalye (overview) so here I am sitting in the couch pondering on the top 5 things i liked and appreciate so much for the past 9 days.

1st on my list is, the Envirnmnetal Sanitationthe environement in the USA is very regulated, the federal government has been protecting their eco system with regards over and top i think next to security. It is top of my list because, I can hardly find beautiful parks, clean rivers, clean air, birds, flowers that is so natural back in the my country. Althouugh, there are places we have back home but it is in select subdivisions, far away farms. The people in the US doesnt need to be educated to care for the environment and it is just so nice. So i wish everyone in asia should learn enviromental care and sanitation at all cost, I mean without reminiding us that its what should be done. To be honest I am guilty of this too.

2nd on my list, Technology

Technology to conserve energy and water, in Dubugue, Iowa the river flows freely in the Mississipi, but to my surprise the City is not utilizing the water from the river, but instead utilizing the deep wells which is very clean and has been in the system for hundreds of years. The city is very serious in protecting their people in terms of health and moreover helping them save from utility usage. They have developed some apps that could monitor water and electrical utlities. Its just amazing, I mean everything is calculated wisely.

3rd Diversity and Acceptability

Culture is really something that i am very concered with, I really thought americans might be rude or mean to asians, but to my surprise they are very interesting and respectful people. I am not just speaking or talking about the people I formally met in the meetings. I mean people I met in the streets are kind and smiling. I was lost in while exploring DC and I approched an american and asked for directions and guess what he did? He escorted me back to my hotel! I think most americans are good I mean better in fact...the way they say "please" "thank you" and "welcome" is resonating in my ears cuz i can feel the sincerity.

4th Family oriented

Yes! They are, I have read a lot of write-ups that asians are very family oriented and blah-blah but well i can speak for Midwest only...but really they are! and they are very hospitable...a lady named Phyllis Lee fetched us from the airport and to her excitement to treat us like family she brought us to a garage sale and had us for dinner with pizza and wine, and bunch of her old friends were also there. Then i just felt oh my...i miss home!

5th Finally...(as for the moment)

Government is Functional!

I couldnt say more about this, but yeah! I envy how their local government works, i mean here in Dubuque, it is really working pretty well!

less Politics, Community and People Oriented, and its just WOW! Sustainabilty and Governance is really working and the Inclusiveness is widely reached and felt by the people. Meeting the locals and how they speak about their government is enough to give me an overview on how contented they are because their government is really doing something.

for the mean time i have more stuff to explore in Dubuque, Iowa and I hope more people come and visit the Masterpiece on the Mississipi.