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ICYMI April 6 – April 10

How is your week going? The Knowledge Network has had some stellar activities this week. So, in case you missed them:

  • How are you (or your community) celebrating Earth Day 2015? Check here for some ICMA Earth Day Resources and 2015 Earth Day Events across the country.
  • Understanding data and knowing how to act on the data you’ve collected are typical performance management challenges Dr. Thomas Miller, founder and president of National Research Center Inc., shows the importance of putting data into historical, regional, and organizational context.
  • With regard to the standard for determining what amount of force used against a pretrial detainee is excessive, the State and Local Legal Center holds the position that the same or similar standard should apply to excessive force claims brought by pretrial detainees and post-conviction detainees.
  • This week was Public Health Week (April 6-12)! Local governments are at the core of raising public health awareness and providing public health infrastructure and services. Check ICMA’s insights into Public Health Shared Administrative Services to learn how your community can benefit from the shared delivery of services and public health partnerships.
  • Want to win a prize for a trip to the ICMA Annual Conference in Seattle this September? Join the student video contest and share your original ideas for how city, town, and county managers make Life, Well Run happen! Don’t miss the deadline on June 15, 2015.
  • Minnesotans are proud of their “Minnesota Nice” slogan, and their concrete efforts to provide funding opportunities for brownfield cleanup and redevelopment. Check here to discover this land of 10,000 brownfield funding opportunities.
  • In the Knowledge Network’s Q&A section, members are calling for help on topics of development standards for industrial zones, homebuyer assistance programs, and  staff evaluations requested by board members. If you have some good ideas, please share with us!

What interesting stories can you share this week? Please comment below.

Yalan Qin

Knowledge Network, Intern