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Designing Apps for Local Governments

Use of smartphone, tablets, and other electronic devices continues to climb as does the number of apps used by those devices. Many local governments leaders feel pushed to adopt apps for their communities, but aren’t sure what makes sense for their circumstances.

ICMA has been working with its longtime Strategic Partner, Esri, the premiere GIS software solution, on how apps can be more meaningful from promoting greater citizen engagement to improved efficiency and effectiveness within the organization.  We’ve captured lessons learned from a series of White Boarding Exercises we’ve held with Esri, and produced a new executive brief on what local government executives say they need.  Check out what we’ve learned so far.

And if you want to discuss what you need in an app, especially for human services, consider applying for our next White Boarding Exercise in Redlands, CA on Thursday, May 14.  For more information and to apply, click here.


Carmel Miller

Everybody nowadays has a smartphone. Making use of mobile application development can really play a very crucial role in improving the relation between local governments and citizens. Apps can be useful when the government wants to communicate with the citizens regarding various issues prevailing in the surroundings and can boost civic participation in resolving out the various issues.

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