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“Opening Government for More Citizen Engagement”

Since identifying transparency as one of our Key Market Drivers, we figured it was time to dig a little deeper into the topic. Not only is it refreshing to discuss something outside of the cloud and data security, (just kidding, we LOVE the cloud!) but the need for more open government has come under the spotlight after a few “newsworthy” issues last year. With the introduction of social media and the increase in the number of smartphones, technology has been pushing government to find more innovative ways to open up and reach its constituents.

It’s not that governments have tried to stay “closed.” Town hall meetings, budgets, and procurement sites are all made available to the public, but it sure is hard to find the information you need when you want it. As a citizen in this modern era, I am used to information at my fingertips whenever and wherever I am. As a consumer in this modern era, my expectations of customer service are also at an all-time high. With those high expectations (thank you, private sector) are we setting government agencies up for failure?

Join us February 19th as we explore citizen engagement through a number of technology channels from IVR to mobile solutions to web access. Our special guest, Andre Williams, is responsible for the planning, communication, execution and completion of various IVR and IT projects for NYC311, the largest municipal call center in the United States. Williams will provide tips and best practices to engage your citizens and keep your agency a little more “open.”