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Leadership Resolutions for the New Year

It is the beginning of a new year and many people take advantage of a fresh start to resolve to do things differently.  If you haven't developed some resolutions for 2015, but do some thoughts about being a better leader in mind, here is an interesting article that discusses ways to improve your leadership  in the year ahead.  We all know that leadership is a critical skill for local government managers, but do you take the time to work on your skills?  This may be a good place to start!

While you are on your leadership journey, don't forget that the ICMA Center for Management Strategies offers great resources as well as technical assistance to help both you and your organization improve.  These include resources in high performance organizations, priority based budgeting, process improvement, collaborative service delivery, citizen engagement and surveying for data-driven decisionmaking.  Check out our documents and articles resource library for resources designed to help you!

Happy New Year. . .and good luck with all those resolutions!!