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Preview: CityLinks Year Four Activities

As the CityLinks team prepares for the start of the program’s most ambitious year yet, we thought it would be a good idea to share a quick preview of some major projects in the works:

Pilot Partnerships: This year, CityLinks will execute two city-to-city pilot partnerships. During the selection process, cities will be paired with another city that has faced and begun to address a similar climate adaptation challenge. These partnerships will last 9-12 months and will include two technical assistance trips to the recipient city and one trip to the host city. Teams will work closely together over the 9-12 month period to develop strategic recommendations that will be the basis of an implementation plan. Plans will be informed by local data, city staff, community stakeholders, and leading global practices in urban adaptation. Applications for host and partner cities will be available on ICMA’s website in January.

Smart App Challenge: A smart app challenge is a virtual competition of brainstorming and computer programming that spans several months. It draws together the talent and creativity of software developers, designers, and subject-matter experts all working towards the creation of a winning application. The CityLinks App2Action Challenge will focus on a water sanitation challenge specifically identified by the local government of the host city. The aim is to develop an innovative software solution that the local government can then use in future decision-making and to improve the delivery of public services. The application for host cities will be available on ICMA’s website in January.

Guidebook: CityLinks will be releasing a guidebook on urban resiliency planning that focuses on sub-national policies, projects, and implementation. An interactive digital version will follow shortly after its launch.

Webinars: Two webinars that demonstrate the intersection between climate change, food security, and access to water and sanitation are set to occur during spring and summer of 2015. Speakers will include experts from CityLinks’ strategic partners.

To learn more about CityLinks, visit our website and like us on Facebook and Twitter. Please visit ICMA International’s site for additional information about the projects ICMA implements around the world.

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