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Halloween Safety


Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  
Anyway, as we are only a few days away from a very popular holiday, I thought it would be good to throw out a few things to think about before you gather up the kids to go trick-or-treating or go off to that costume party that so-and-so has been talking about for weeks in the break room.


  1. Bring a flashlight.
  2. Wear weather-appropriate clothing.
  3. Put on comfy shoes (a must especially for the little ones).
  4. Plan your route before you leave.
  5. Eat your candy loot only after careful inspection.

Adult Events:

  1. Take a cab if alcohol will be involved; there is no reason to risk it.
  2. Avoid costumes that restrict movement or vision.
  3. Make sure your costume has a safe spot for your valuables.
  4. Bring a friend everywhere.
  5. Wear your dancing shoes (i.e., comfortable shoes).

We also have a couple of Halloween-related documents on the Knowledge Network:

  • This document is the Halloween Safety Fact Sheet for 2014 provided by Pro Consumer Safety.
  • This document explains a program that has been around in Orono, Maine, for several years called the Halloween House of Safety.
  • Last year, this blog was posted by our former intern and it’s packed with good resources and ideas.

Please provide us with your own tips in the comments below or by posting your own blog. You can ask questions of our users and answer their questions as well. Thanks for reading and have fun this weekend!

Jesse Himes
Knowledge Network Intern