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Sustainable City Network Article - Demystifying Social Equity

One of our focuses here at the Center for Sustainable Communities is social equity. This hot topic has been a priotiy for local governments, and I've heard the terms "triple bottom line" approach, "the 3 E's", and "the three-legged stool" a lot. I never really understood what they meant. Jeff Brehm wrote an article for the Sustainable City Network titled "Demystifying Social Equity" that I found very helpful.

Not only does the article include links and access to related documents (with CSC involved in production!), but it highlights our 2010 Sustainability Survey, breaks down what social equity really is, and reminds readers that no community can achieve social quity without citizen engagement.

This article gave me "social equity clarity" (as I am from a communications background, not local government like many of my coworkers). I can say I have learned something today!

Check out the article on the Sustainable City Network site here

See our social equity project page here