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Community videos are binge-worthy

video image from Catawba County Life, Well Run video

Catawba County, North Carolina

There are videos from Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. Easy-to-use templates help create a high quality video, quickly.

If you're looking for a way to celebrate your community and highlight the role that professional managers play, the Life, Well Run video template delivers. Ten cities and counties have shared their videos with us and if you have about 30 minutes, I recommend binge watching them all. While the theme is the same whether you're watching Lufkin, Texas or Gainesville, Florida, each community added its own spin as well as images unique to each home town. Some include interviews: for example Cabarrus County shared clips from city managers across the county who talk about what they love about the job and Durham's video featured the county manager, the city manager, and the president of the State Association. There are shots of professional managers in action at council meetings, talking with residents, and in team meetings planning projects that become reality. For anyone contemplating a career in local government management, the videos reflect what managers do every day to keep the community safe, healthy, and well run.

To product a high quality video for your community, email and you will have all the tools you need to get started, just add local ingredients.

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