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Week in Review: 9/15-19

The skeleton staff that was holding down the fort here in DC during conference is happy to see everyone trickle back in the office. I’m just ready for my supervisor to bring me back some conference swag (YOU PINKY PROMISED!).  Without any further ado, ICYMI:

  • The 100th Annual Conference was a huge success (fire alarm aside). ICMA has selected Seattle for the 2015 Conference. Go here for details concerning next year’s conference and some post conference materials.
  • A pretty great blog was posted earlier this week by David Goroff. Its five things that local government professionals should know about the Emergency Management Assistance Compact. Read that here and get prepared for anything.
  • On September 29 the Supreme Court of the United States will conduct their “long conference” where they decide what petitions they will hear in the next year. This blog highlights a few cases that deal specifically with local governments.
  • This question was asked earlier this week and has received some great feedback regarding electronic bill pay. Join the conversation or ask your own question.

There is a ton more information on the Knowledge Network, go check that out; we’re here for you.


Jesse Himes
Knowledge Network Intern