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Got Thirst?

According to a couple of quick Google searches, the earth is 71% water, and the human body is approximately 65% water (it fluctuates with age and gender). The Boy Scouts taught me that I can only live three days without drinking water. What am I getting at here? Water is probably the most important thing that a local government controls.

  • My dad always told me, “If it’s free, it’s for me,” as he stuffed free samples in his pockets. If you’re like him, then jump on this free webinar happening in a couple of weeks. The presenters will discuss the best practices on keeping local water sources clean and secure.
  • This document discusses the lessons learned after Hurricane Sandy, to help local governments prepare for future natural disasters that could affect water utilities.
  • ICMA worked in Afghanistan on a project called the “Commercialization of Afghanistan Water and Sanitation Activity.” Check out the successes here.
  • My heart is still in college so I found this article to be interesting. Because of a partnership between the city of Arlington, Texas, and the University of Texas at Arlington, approximately 14.2 million gallons of water have been saved.

What is your local government doing to properly manage the most important resource on the planet?

Tell us in the comments section below. You can also ask the Knowledge Network questions here.

Jesse Himes
Knowledge Network Intern