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Preconference Session: Making Imagination Happen

TLG/FCCMA has finally kicked off...I'm sitting here at the preconference session "Making Imagination Happen". Like with all the preconference sessions and our general conference, we have a great showing of local government professionals from all over the US and Canada, representing a variety of disciplines.

The enthusiasm is palpable—everyone is genuinely excited, ready to laugh and learn.

After a brief introductory period, to kick the session off, Karen Thoreson, President/COO of the Alliance for Innovation, asked individuals what is the most surprising change that you have observed in your community in the past ten years. The answers, while diverse, focused on the themes of the negative economic reality and restructuring of local government as well as the evolution of technology in local government. While the realities of the workforce today are challenging, there has also been an explosion of creativity and ingenuity that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Is there a more appropriate way to start off Transforming Local Government/FCCMA Conference than by visiting the present and wondering how we can move forward in it, building a culture of innovation to make the previously unimaginable a reality?

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