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It seems like just yesterday I was using a dial-up connection to check my Myspace account. Now with every blink of the eye something new is developed in the technology field (I’m looking at you, Google Glass).  How are local governments supposed to keep up with the latest developments and integrate mobile technology into their everyday operations? ICMA’s Technology topic section in the Knowledge Network is an at-your-fingertips resource bursting with new articles and blogs.

  • Are you going to be around Ann Arbor this fall? If so, you might want to check out the University of Michigan’s Annual #micities2014 Conference, where participants will explore how new technology can reinvent citizenship, improve urban planning, and revitalize cities in Michigan and beyond.
  • All local governments are concerned with the welfare of their citizens. Check out what the city of Montgomery, Ohio, has been doing with its program called “EMS SignPost,” whereby a citizen can store select health information digitally so that in an emergency it can be accessed by emergency services personnel.
  • The city of Palo Alto got its community together by holding an event called Palo Alto Apps Challenge. Participants were asked to create an app that helped the local government and citizens interact with each other. Read more about this here.
  • Another great read is a blog by Jerry Schulz, VP of GovHR USA. Schulz offers insight on how local governments can move toward “Cloud Productivity.”

Local governments are doing innovative things to incorporate new technologies that enhance engagement with the community. What awesome things is your government doing to move into the age of mobile technology? Tell us about it! Don’t leave us hangin’!

Jesse Himes
Knowledge Network Intern