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Innovation in Local Government

I'm attending the Esri International User Conference in San Diego this week, and have been blown away by the innovations local governments are presenting here. 

The team from the City of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, talked about how they've changed their service delivery model, and have developed a mobile app that staff use on their smartphones for conducting the City's sidewalk inspection program.  With no special equipment other than the smartphone, the City has identified 11,000 locations that need work and have begun the process of fixing the problems with a target of addressing all issues within 24 months.

Story maps have helped the City of Manhattan Beach, CA, keep their city website updated and fresh.  The City's goal is to get citizens to the information they need in three clicks.  Following a community survey to determine what information citizens wanted most, the City developed of a powerful home page with rotating slides.  This allows the City to draw attention to key projects of interest to citizens.  Story maps focus on those hot topics and provide more information on what's happening around the City.  

I'm looking forward to learning more today.


Laura Hagg
Laura Hagg said

Great ideas Cory - look forward to hearing about more examples!

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