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What You Missed on the Knowledge Network: April 11 – 17, 2014

Every day on the Knowledge Network, users share their ideas and experiences with their local government peers by sharing resources.  These resources, which can be found on the Knowledge Network’s QuestionsBlogsGroups and Document pages offer case studies and discussions about the newest innovations in local governance. This week, the Knowledge Network became the new home of:

  • new post in the In the Know blog that calls on all Knowledge Network users to try new professional development opportunities over the coming summer.
  • case study from eCivis that argues for the development and implementation of cloud computing technologies.
  • A new user-generated discussion about “renting fees” for municipal properties, that was started in response to Johnny Casias’ question: “Cell Tower Companies.”
  • Information about MMANC’s upcoming Women’s Leadership Summit, of which ICMA is an event sponsor.

If you would like to share resources that your municipality has developed, feel free to add them to the Document page, or reach out to me if you need any help, at To be sure, we can never have enough answers to our members’ Questions, so after you’ve submitted your documents, go ahead and answer a few!


James Davidson

James Davidson is an intern for ICMA’s Knowledge Network. You can reach him for questions and comments at