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MYB 2014: Not Your Father's Year Book!

I am excited to announce that The Municipal Year Book 2014 will soon be here. And be prepared: this is not your father’s Year Book!! In celebration of ICMA’s 100th anniversary, we’ve pulled out all the stops (well, some of them, anyway). Along with an outstanding collection of survey-based research articles and the accompanying tables, figures, and charts you’ve come to expect, we have photos! We have a cartoon! And we have a very special foreword by Executive Director Bob O’Neill on the legacy of local government professionalism! Heady stuff, indeed.

This edition also celebrates ICMA’s centennial with a 100-year retrospective of social policy issues and a review of ICMA’s evolution over the last half-century as an international organization (including a photo of Bill Hansell with Nelson Mandela). A third article, co-written by Ted Gaebler, assesses the relevance of Reinventing Government today, more than 20 years after its publication, describing how managers have been applying its recommendations to improve and “reinvent” themselves and the ways in which local governments conduct their business. Yet another article discusses three of the profession’s core issues today: the importance of civic engagement and performance measurement in advancing sustainable communities. And from the Alliance for Innovation we have an article that defines what constitutes “an innovation,” examines the requisites for spreading innovation, and presents examples from across the country of leading, prevailing, and emerging practices.

Of course, the Year Book wouldn’t be the Year Book without its standard fare of survey-based articles. This year we present a focus on the state of the local government profession today; an examination of the growing role of intermunicipal cooperation in alternative service delivery; an analysis of current CAO salaries and compensation; and the most recent data on salaries and expenditures for police and fire personnel.

What makes this edition even more special is that it is the last print edition we will be doing of The Municipal Year Book. Next year we go digital. So this edition is truly a keeper. Bring it to the 100th Annual Conference in Charlotte, and maybe you can even get it signed. I expect it to become a collector’s item by 2015! Order your copy now before the supply runs out!