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Batman to the Rescue

N n n n n n n r bat man, or as the case was in Austin, Bat woman went in to bat for the rescue of a large colony of urban bats.  In the 70's the City was debating how to rid the new bridge in Downtown Austin of a colony of bats that had decided the gaps between the concrete beams were the perfect size for bat sweet bat home and had moved in.  The city elders were debating how to get rid of this threat to public health that was going to spread disease through the city.  

A bat conservationist moved to town and started a public education campaign to inform the public about the habits of the bats (no they don't actually suck human blood) and the benefits in insect control.  As result the bat colony was saved and is now celebrated as a tourist attraction.

As a show of the popularity of the bats, last night there was over 150 people waiting under the bridge and another 100 people lined up along the bridge waiting for the emergence of the bats at sunset.

Do you have a local native species that is not well understood and appreciated?  What is it's role in the ecosystem?  You could learn more about that species and celebrate it as a unique local attraction.

Did you know:  The Mexican White Tailed Bat can fly up to 10,000 ft high catching thermal currents for its migration to Mexico.  It also eats it's own body weight in insects, many of which are agricultural pests each night, making it an important natural pest control agent. 


Lauren Crawford

I'm glad you got to witness this! I've heard of it many times but each time I've been to Austin I hadn't made it to it! P.S. We are all really enjoying the new shirt and hat here!

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