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The first impression about Snoqualmie’s Library

    Snoqualmie library is located on a prominent corner of the Ridge’s retail center along Snoqualmie Parkway. It’s about 6000-square feet. The growth transforming the community also transforms the demands for library service. The new facility offers an opportunity to support the needs of Snoqualmie residents. The library currently provides a morning preschool story time with an emphasis on Early Literacy, book talks, database demonstrations and homework help for local schools. The Summer Reading Program, Ready-Set-Read and Read Three, Get One Free! are actively promoted.

    We visited it on Wednesday morning.We saw many mothers with their kids went to the library to attend “Story Times” Program. I really felt that Snoqualmie library is a so happy and lovely space for local families.





Laura Hagg
Laura Hagg said

Thank Annie for sharing - did you mention how the Arlington library grows food?

Hui Wen
Hui Wen said

Thanks for your comment.The Arlington library growing food also is a good program .I feel so many things to mention,to learn.

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