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Best Practice for Council-Manager Form of Government

This week’s Topic Tuesday is council-manager form of government.  We are working hard to ensure that you have all the resources you need for best practices in this form of local government.  ICMA’s origins rest in the council-manager model that combines the strong political leadership of elected officials (in the form of a council, board, or other governing bodies) with the strong professional experience of an appointed local government manager or administrator.  Check out our resources below:  


Council-manager form resource package

This is ICMA’s first-response information packet on professional development of local government.  Statistics, documents, and other information are also included.  


Council-manager form of government: Frequently asked questions (Brochure)

Read up on the most asked questions on the structure of this form of government, popularity and use nationwide, and the process the community can use to adopt this form of government.  


Council-manager or strong mayor: The choice is clear

This document is brought to you by Peter Dunn who explains that the council-manager form of local governments helps diminish special interests, and makes more decision making merit-based in your community.


Stereotypes in council-manager governments

Check out Kevin Carter’s blog post on the stereotypes that surround this popular form of local government and what they mean.


Looking for even more information concerning council-manager form of government?  Stay up to date with our topic page where leaders share their expertise through blogs, documents, and answers to questions asked by local government peers.  


We want to hear from you!  How does your local government use our best practices resources for your local government?  Share your expertise below and lead the conversation today.  


Hilary Badger

Knowledge Network, Intern