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Ethical Culture for Management

ICMA’s mission is to create excellence in local governance by fostering professional management worldwide, and ICMA recommends that all members of the local governance community subscribe to ICMA’s Code of Ethics. Originally written in 1924, ICMA’s Code of Ethics stands today as a definition of the principles that serve as the foundation for the local government management profession. By extension, a key leadership responsibility of professional local government administrators is the promotion of an ethical culture in the work place.

To help inform your understanding of ethical action, I have compiled the following list of resources that highlight ethical culture in the management community:

If you have questions about whether a matter warrants formal review by ICMA or need confidential advice on an ethics issue, please contact Martha Perego, ICMA Director of Ethics (202-962-3668 / or Jared Dailey, Program Manager (202-962-3557 /

I hope that these resources help you and your staff serve your communities in the best way possible.


James Davidson

ICMA's Knowledge Network Intern