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Teamwxrk: What's Wrong Here?

Just read the new edition of Effective Supervisory Practices and found this poignant exercise that illustrates the dynamics of a team beautifully. Thanks to Mike Conduff and Lewis Bender for the great chapter on team building.

What Happens When One Component of the Team Fails


Sxmexne txld me that teamwxrk depends xn the perfxrmance xf every single persxn xn the team. I ignxred that idea until sxmexne shxwed me hxw the xffice typewriter perfxrms when just xne single key is xut xf xrder. All the xther keys xn xur typewriter wxrk just fine except xne, but that xne destrxys the effectiveness xf the typewriter. Nxw I knxw that even thxugh I am xnly xne persxn, I am needed if the team is tx wxrk as a successful team shxuld.

Even though this paragraph illustrates how different the work output looks when just one member fails to perform properly, you can still understand the word and grasp the message. When teams see the broader and larger organizational vision, they, too, can fill in the blanks and get the job done.

How would you illustrate the concept of teamwork? Do you have any examples you share in training?


Michael Conduff

Rick, thanks for the shoutout. Teams really form the foundation of effective democracy. Superior organizational culture - getting everyone pulling in the same direction - makes that possible.

I was just with Dave Childs in Palmdale and he is doing some best practice work in this arena.

Thanks again!

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