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Summer Safely

Here in Washington, DC,  we are experiencing a welcome break from the high temperatures of a hot summer. Though the beginning of August is reminding us what it is like to be bundled up in the cooler months, we know we’re not out of the warm and humid woods yet. With that in mind, I rounded up some of the best summer safety resources from across the Knowledge Network so that you know just how to keep citizens in your community safe as they enjoy the outdoors for the rest of the summer.

  • In the article “Great Safety Tips For The Great Outdoors,” you can find some very sensible safety tips for all people looking to spend some time outside this summer.
  • Read “Dehydration: What you need to know” for the information you need on hydration safety. You’ll learn a lot about the importance of hydration and how to recognize dehydration. 
  • You can read about some of the true benefits of taking in fresh air in “Clean Air Improves Community Health”.  The post has information on setting up bike -to -work activities and other clean air initiatives.
  • Shade Yourself from the Sun” offers some tips for keeping healthy skin while making your way out and about this summer.
  • Check out “Risk & Opportunity at Public Pools” by Paree Roper to find out what it takes to operate a safe aquatic facility in your municipality.
  • While the weather is nice, it may be the best time to start or restart your fitness regimen.  “Add Exercise to Your To-do List” provides a great list of advice that will help you work physical activities into your schedule.

As you may have noticed, most of the helpful resources for this post came from ICMA’s strategic partner, Cigna. You can read about more great ideas from Cigna, and find bright, thoughtful safety resources, on their Health and Wellness Resources blog page on the Knowledge Network. Other great summer safety tips can be found on the Public Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Health, Public Health, Parks and Recreation, Children and Youth, and Active Living topic pages.

I’d love to hear from you about your tactics for keeping your municipality safe this summer.  Reply to this post with your lessons.


James Davidson

ICMA's Knowledge Network Intern