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Why Professionally-Managed Communities Matter to Business Owners

Business owners pay close attention to how well a community and its local government are managed. Taxes, fees, and bond ratings are just some of the leading indicators business owners look at when determining how well a community is managed, and deciding whether to open a new business or expand their current facilities in a particular city.

Some of the reasons professionally-managed communities are very attractive to business owners include:


Businesses want consistency more than anything. Businesses choose communities that have stable leadership, established decision-making processes, and long-range planning. Elected officials come and go, serving only as long as their terms in office permit. Professional local government managers provide consistency. As appointed, nonpartisan, and nonpolitical officials, their job tenure often encompasses a number of election cycles and changes in administration.

Good financial management

Sixty-one percent of the 87 U.S. cities that received Moody’s highest rating (Aaa) in December 2009 operated under the council-manager form of government. High bond ratings mean sound investments for businesses.

Quality of life

Professionally-managed communities help businesses attract and retain top talent by creating and maintaining the quality of life employees want in a hometown.

Public-private partnerships

Every day, private companies are developing solutions to the challenges that face our local governments. By partnering with professional managers, businesses can provide services that affect positive change in our communities. Managers are the ones who bid contracts and procure products and services. In fact, local government purchases of goods and services account for more than $85 billion each year.

Check out this Life, Well Run video to hear private and public sector leaders discuss why a partnership between businesses and professional local government management managers works for them.

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