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What Does Political Neutrality Mean Today?

ICMA Members Discussion Forum: What Political Neutrality Means Today

Lee Feldman, chair of the Committee on Professional Conduct, invites ICMA Members to join a free 60 minute web chat, on Tuesday, May 14 at 2:00 p.m. EDT, to get your input on what political neutrality, Tenet 7 of the ICMA Code of Ethics, means today. What types of political activity are ok?  Where should the profession draw the line? 

The discussion is part of a process of getting member feedback on the Code. Ensuring that the ICMA Code of Ethics is relevant to the profession is a key responsibility of the ICMA Executive Board and the Committee on Professional Conduct (CPC).  To that end, ICMA is launching a structured review of the Code.  Taking one tenet per year, the review will be ongoing over a period of years. 

The process begins with a review of Tenet 7. We selected Tenet 7 because the principle of political neutrality outlined in the Tenet is the foundation for the profession. In addition, it is the Tenet that overtime generates the most inquiries and ethics violations.

We invite ICMA members to provide your feedback during this live online discussion that will enable you to weigh in on whether the tenet and guidelines are relevant today.  

Lee will introduce the topic and then open the lines for discussion – no holds barred, ask anything you wish, and provide feedback about the Code. Sign up is free – register here.

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