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City of Conover, NC Hosts Manufacturing Solutions Center Groundbreaking

On Tuesday February 21, the City of Conover, in partnership with Catawba Valley Community College hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the new home of the Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC) at Conover Station.

MSC has been a leading creator of jobs in manufacturing for 22 years. In the past decade they are credited with creating or saving over 1,000 manufacturing jobs, and creating over $250,000,000 in total economic impact worldwide.

The objective of the new facility would include cultivating a new form of manufacturing: manufacturing that is based in smaller and smarter factories that nourish innovation. The catalyst for the new manufacturing economy is MSC. Two thirds of the net jobs in the private sector originate among small firms or small business births. The smallest segment (1-19 associates) produces the most new jobs relative to its share of total employment. 

Conover anticipates that MSC will become the business accelerator for worldwide product innovation and testing. When companies launch their businesses from this facility, Conover's hope is they will plug into the local communities, use the available industrial properties and employ the skilled and able workforce.  MSC provides new and existing companies with low cost testing, research and development, where resources are shared, and capabilities are inventoried to aid companies.  The city has been very fortunate both North Carolina and Federal agencies agree with this vision and have stepped forward to partner thru grant funding and make this a reality for North Carolina and the nation.

The new MSC facility sits in the heart of one of the hardest hit regions in the nation. US News and World Report list the area as one of “The 10 Worst Cities for Finding a Job.” January 20, 2012.

For more information, please contact Donald E. Duncan Jr., City Manager , City of Conover, at (828) or   

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