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Chandler, AZ Invests Public Infrastructure into World Class Science & Technology Park

The City of Chandler, AZ is laying the foundation for 8 to 12 thousand future jobs at Continuum, a 153-acre, master planned Science & Technology Park.

The City of Chandler is laying the foundation for 8 to 12 thousand future jobs at Continuum, a 153-acre, master planned Science & Technology Park. Continuum advances the vision of the Price Corridor along the Loop 101 Freeway as a ‘super technology’ region, making Chandler competitive on an international scale. At build-out, it is expected to generate $250-$300 million in primary economic impacts.

Located at a former Motorola property, Continuum will also include a University of Arizona learning center to conduct programs, classes and research. The10,000 square foot space is provided to U of A at no cost by the developer, Capital Commercial Investments (CCI), and will save more than $2 million over a 10-year period.

“With the critical component of a leading research university, and the draw of well-paid, sustainable jobs, we see this partnership advancing the City’s emergence from the recession,” Chandler Mayor Boyd Dunn said. “And as a significant anchor to the already robust Price Corridor, Continuum will further diversify Chandler’s already solid employment base.”

The University of Arizona will meet the educational needs of Chandler’s high-tech workforce by offering programs and research, as well as recruiting other educational institutions.

“We’re really proud to be a part of this profound development and to have a chance to make an impact on this part of the state, said Mike Proctor, University of Arizona’s Dean of the Outreach College. “The U of A has been connected to the people of Chandler for many years, from its early days as an agricultural community to its present day as a leading high technology center in the state and region.”

To further encourage the location of signature companies and high-wage jobs, the City of Chandler is participating in the building of public roadways and public infrastructure in an amount not to exceed $10 million. This will help create public roads and sidewalks, water features, landscaping and public gathering spaces to create a sense of place. CCI is devoting about 30 acres to create these enhancements that will serve as amenities for employees, making Continuum more attractive to businesses.

Continuum joins notable employers in the key industries of Aerospace, Life Sciences, High Technology R&D/Manufacturing and Advanced Business Services. The Science & Technology Park will focus on technology, innovation and corporate headquarters.

Chandler, Arizona has a population of more than 250,000 and is located in the southeast portion of metropolitan Phoenix in what is known as the East Valley.

Price Corridor is credited for developing the high-tech manufacturing industry across the state and key to the location and continued expansion of Intel as Air Products invested in an ultra-pure nitrogen pipeline through the Corridor. Continued investment by the City of Chandler and others in infrastructure, including high capacity wet utilities, power and telecom and industrial power infrastructure, make the Price Corridor competitive on an international plain.

Price Corridor extends six miles along the southwestern portion of Chandler, Arizona. The Corridor’s commercial real estate mix includes Class ‘A’ office, executive office suites, light industrial parks, mixed-use projects and corporate and technology campus settings. Average household income within the Corridor is $92,215, and the current population is 56,095 with expected build-out population rising to 64,326. A portion of Chandler’s Enterprise Zone is located within the Corridor.

Key employers include Amkor Technology, Bank of America, Freescale, Hanjin Shipping, Intel, Isagenix, Isola, Microchip Technologies, Orbital Sciences, Rogers Corporation and Wells Fargo.

For more information, visit or contact Jane Poston at 480-782-2231.

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