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Public Service Career Fairs

Each year, ICMA joins representatives from all levels of government plus key academic and nonprofit organizations to participate in student and veteran public service job fairs.

Public Service career fairs provide students and graduates with an excellent opportunity to meet representatives from a wide range of public sector agencies and nonprofit organizations who bring a wealth of information about entry-level positions in the areas of leadership and management, research, policy and advocacy, human services, emergency management, and more.

ICMA’s goal in attending these career fairs is to promote the profession of local government management, and local government generally as a career opportunity. ICMA seeks volunteers from membership to participate in these fairs, and covers fair registration, and provides general materials and a listing of recent jobs from our Job Center for the volunteers.

Let us know

If you have been contacted to attend a career fair or have identified one to attend and would like ICMA support, contact Career fairs happen most frequently between January and March each year.