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Documents from 2007 M2M Partnership Expo

Partners and Project Network members seeking technical support, financial support, or consultation are invited to add project ideas and activities to this database.

Welcome and Opening of Landfill Breakout Sessions: Chinese (PDF, 8 pp, 508 KB)

Opportunities to Advance Landfill Methane Recovery Projects under the Methane to Markets Partnership (PDF, 17 pp, 325 KB)

Practical Challenges in Producing Carbon Emission Reduction Credits from Landfill Gas Projects in the Developing World (PDF, 31 pp, 1.6 MB)

Garbage in, Garbage Out – Educating Stakeholders on how to Model and Interpret Landfill Biogas Results (PDF, 34 pp, 2.7 MB)

Evaluation of Landfill Gas Models Using Monitored Recovery from Projects in Latin America, China, and Eastern Europe (PDF, 29 pp, 657 KB)

Improving Landfill Methane Recovery:

Landfill Gas to Carbon Markets: English and Chinese (PDF, 36 pp, 1.7 MB)

Enhancing Gas Extraction and Pre-treatment for Small to Large Landfills (PDF, 18 pp, 671 KB)

Controlled Bioreactor Landfill Program at the Yolo County Central Landfill (PDF, 51 pp, 2.4 MB)

Appropriate Business Conditions to Utilize Gas from Landfill for Power Generation (PDF, 35 pp, 2 MB)

An Example of LFG to Truck Fuel in China (PDF, 33 pp, 1.6 MB): English and Chinese

Brief Introduction of LFG Utilization Technology (PDF, 36 pp, 1.8 MB): Chinese

Combined LFG Utilization at Xiaping Landfill (Shenzhen, China) (PDF, 43 pp, 7 MB)

Dealing with Landfill Fuels: Evaluating Fuel Treatment Options (PDF, 14 pp, 620 KB)

Case Studies from Operational and Planned LFG Projects in Methane to Markets Partner Countries (PDF, 28 pp, 1.6 MB)

Landfill Gas Exploitation for Electricity Production in China (PDF, 19 pp, 637 KB):

The Global Carbon Markets to 2012...and Beyond! (PDF, 11 pp, 512 KB)

Carbon Finance in the Landfill Sector (PDF, 20 pp, 304 KB)

Finding Carbon Financing for Landfill Projects (PDF, 22 pp, 187 KB)

A Landfill Operator's Perspective: Developing Landfill Gas Recovery / CDM Projects Internationally (PDF, 20 pp, 5.1 MB)

LFG Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs) in China, Case Study: Tianjin (PDF, 14 pp, 198 KB)

Direct Discharge Leachate Evaporators (PDF, 23 pp, 1.7 MB):

Landfill Biogas Technology Applications at Small Landfills (PDF, 15 pp, 624 MB)