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City Manager

City of Lake Butler, FL

11 Oct 17
Open until filled
1 Feb 18
Job Function
Chief Administrator (City/County Manager)

Full Time

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Job Location

200 SW 1st Street, Lake Butler, FL 32054






200 S. W. 1st Street City Hall
Lake Butler , FL 32054-2016

Form of Govt

Council-Manager (City)


Chief appointed official position was recognized by ICMA in 1996 as a Council-Manager position.


2 chief appointed officials in the past 10 years

The City Manager/Clerk is the chief administrative official of the city and head of the administrative branch of the city government. Duties are set forth in the City’s Code of Ordinances. The City Manager is responsible to the City Commission for the administration of all affairs of City Government and shall execute the laws and administer the government of the city.
The City Manager/Clerk will oversee budget expenditures balanced for FY 17-18 at $2,616,241, of which approximately $865,591 represents the General Fund budget, $1,213,620 represents the Enterprise Fund budget, $471,646 represents the CDBG budget, and $65,384 represents the CRA budget.
The City Manager/Clerk is responsible for the appointment and, when necessary, the removal of all city employees in Administration, Finance, Procurement, Utility Billing, and Public Works. The Manager oversees each of the departments either directly or through the supervision of department heads. The Manager will notify the City Commission regarding the removal of an employee in order that they may be fully advised of the situation.
The ideal candidate must be an outgoing, confident, mature and experienced professional, possessing honesty and high ethical standards.
The candidate must be someone with initiative and drive who can serve as a staunch advocate for the City of Lake Butler. Must lead by example and serve as a role model to staff.
The candidate must be respectful of others and be positive and approachable with a “can-do” attitude seeking solutions, assets and opportunities. The City Manager must be open and accessible to citizens, businesses, staff and the entire commission.
The candidate must be comfortable in a smaller, rural community and get to know individuals and groups quickly to learn about issues or concerns.
The candidate must be a thoughtful City Manager who can size up a situation quickly and accurately and then exercise good judgement in decision making.
The candidate must have an inclusive management style, a willingness to delegate to professional staff and the ability to withstand pressures brought on by work load and emotionally charged issues.
The candidate must possess good listening skills and must communicate effectively with the commission, public, staff, and business community.
ICMA and FCCMA membership is not a requirement of employment but candidate should be receptive to membership.
A Master’s Degree in public administration, business administration or other public related field is preferred but not required. The position requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in public administration, business administration, political science, or related field.
A minimum of five years of municipal experience and/or comparable governmental experience, a thorough knowledge of municipal operations and/or governmental practices and proven abilities as follows: governmental administration, public personnel management, excellent communication skills (both written and verbal), supervisory skills with limited need for direction, problem solving skills (working effectively with city employees and commissioners), respectful public demeanor, and qualified to hold membership in professional management associations.
Must have the ability to read, write, and fluently speak the English language and to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
No record of any felony convictions or other crime involving moral turpitude.
The City Manager should actively participate and advocate the City’s interest with other agencies on programs, services, and activities that benefit the City.
The City Manager should be comfortable in a very public arena and be supportive of transparent local government.
Ability to foster effective Commission / Manager relations. Must be able to facilitate the conversation so that all voices are heard. Must have a strong understanding of the policy arena of the City Commission.
Possess skills in using general management principles and business practices to include budgeting, policy and procedure development, personnel management and supervision.
Must have strong leadership skills, to be and open to new ways of doing things and challenge staff to be open to different ideas and approaches. Must possess effective, consistent delegation skills. Must be willing to hold staff accountable and document performance and correct gaps quickly and effectively.
The City Manager will have proven skills in melding current staff with new personnel coming aboard and in developing an excellent management team.
The City Manager will play a strong role in identifying new business development, business retention and appropriate development to improve tax base and employment opportunities.
The successful candidate must demonstrate skills in strategic planning, especially in the area of being inclusive in the development of a plan and be effective supervising staff delivery of desired outcomes.
The City Manager must have knowledge of water and sewer and other facilities to effectively make decisions. Must understand the community needs and plan and execute improvements to the aging infrastructure. Prioritization of infrastructure projects based on most critical and planning them based on funds available is extremely important.
Must stay informed of community issues and keep the City Commission informed of key issues, even in the case of bad news. Play a facilitative role to make sure all options are addressed and the City Commission can make informed decisions. Must be able to interact with the community, be capable of listening, identify relevant issues and prepare policy recommendations for the City Commission.
Experience in grant writing and grant management is preferred. The successful candidate will have the ability to identify grants and funding opportunities, stay informed of new opportunities and ensure that the proper grants are applied for in timely fashion, in an effort to utilize city funds most efficiently.

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City of Lake Butler, FL

The City of Lake Butler was established in 1893 and is the county seat of Union County. Lake Butler is a rural based community having that classic small town feel. Lake Butler is 2 square miles with a population of 1,897 (2010 US Census).
Lake Butler is located at the crossroads of State Road 100 and State Road 121 and is not far from Gainesville, Florida.

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