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Planner/GIS Technician

City of Page, AZ

26 Sep 17
Open until filled
$40,999 - $65,599
Job Function
Division Manager

Full Time

Related Topics

Community Planning
Job Location

PO Box 1180 , Page, AZ






PO Box 1180
Page , AZ 86040-1180

Form of Govt

Council-Manager (City)


Chief appointed official position was recognized by ICMA in 1975 as a Council-Manager position.


3 chief appointed officials in the past 10 years

The Planner/GIS Technician performs professional-level planning work involving research, analysis, and technical assistance on major projects. Responsibilities include conducting preliminary and final plat review; reviewing development proposals for consistency with adopted standards and regulations; providing staff support and reports to various boards, committees, and Council; conducting technical research, analyzing data, evaluating findings, identifying significant issues, determining options, and developing staff recommendations; and conferring with engineers, developers, architects, other City staff, outside agencies, and the general public to acquire information and coordinate planning issues, apply codes, laws, standards, and regulations to ensure applications and development are in compliance with the City’s ordinances and development standards, as well as policy direction from boards and Council.   This position is also responsible for inputting, updating, and maintaining GIS databases, and coverages, layers, and linkages to various databases

How to Apply

City of Page, AZ

Located atop a mesa near the Arizona and Utah boarder on the southern shores of magnificent Lake Powell, Page offers visitors outstanding recreational and cultural opportunities. Our community offers hiking, biking, boating and off-road adventures. You can marvel at the beauty of the slot canyons, take in the majesty of Lake Powell and the Colorado River, spend the day photographing Horseshoe Bend or explore hundreds of miles of lake shore. Whether you travel by air, land or water there is no place on earth quite like Page, Arizona.

This year marks the City of Page 40th year as an incorporated municipality, making us one of the youngest communities in the United States. The town began in 1957 as a housing camp for workers building the Glen Canyon Dam. In 1958, some 24 square miles of Navajo land were exchanged for a larger tract in Utah, and "Government Camp" (later called Page in honor of Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner John C. Page) was born.

At first, the frontier community consisted of temporary homes and house trailers, with a few streets carved out of the sandy, rocky slopes. Gradually, permanent homes were constructed and churches sprang up along Lake Powell Boulevard. Twelve religious denominations were granted building sites; today, that portion of Lake Powell Boulevard is affectionately called "Church Row" by local residents. During the seven years required to construct the dam, Page was a federal municipality. It became an incorporated town on March 1, 1975 and is now home to more than 8,000 people.

The enormous task of building the Glen Canyon Dam began in 1956 and was completed in 1963 as part of the U.S. Congress's authorization to the Bureau of Reclamation to build a dam on the Colorado River. Today, Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell fulfill the goals of water storage and hydroelectric power generation for the southwestern states. They also comprise a major recreational area that is visited by more than 3 million people annually. Our location in the Grand Circle is ideal for exploring many of the American Southwest's renowned national parks and monuments, and discovering the unique culture of the Navajo Nation.

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