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Gainesville, Alachua County

Welcome to Gainesville ..

Gainesville is one of nine cities in Alachua County.  Alachua County was formed on December 29, 1824, and included land from the Georgia border down to bellow Port Charlotle.  Over many years numerous countries were carved off, the last being Gilchrist in 1925 to make the present day Alachua County.

Presently, Reid is the Manager of Alachua County. He is a good man, friendly and has a strong commitment to sustainable development.  Reid was appointed by the Commissioner (5 persons) and in the job he is assisted by two assistants, the directors (8 departments) and technical professionals. There are approximately 258,555 people in Alachua County and most of them (114,375 people) live in Gainesville. Gainesville is a city cool, clean and green. Urban forest and big trees easily found along the streets. The trees growth very well and this happens because the city has a good planning towards sustainable development. University of Florida is in town, and this is also the reason why many people want to live in this city.

Alachua County communicates sustainability through many initiatives and programs. Recently, an organic demonstration garden was planted in front of the county's administration building with the support of student volunteers and Donations. This project raises awareness on the importance of creating local food secure, working together as community and saving resources. Since 2001, Alachua County has used hybrid vehicles in its fleet saving approximately $ 100,000 in fuel over nine years.


Diah Sajekti Sigid

It's nice place that people who care sustainibility development. Any kind of disaster had been coming in this city and killed their people or can make damaged their nature..??

Sara Palmi
Sara Palmi said

Hi Made,
It was great having you visit our community and sharing our solid waste system with you and your colleagues. I hope to have the opportunity to visit your community and see first hand the accomplishments in Bali on resource recovery.
Best regards, Sally

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