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A Final Letter from President Karen Thoreson

To the Alliance membership, partners and friends:

November of 2017 marks a decade for me of working for the Alliance for Innovation. 

It has been a fantastic opportunity to work with the most progressive local government organizations in North America. I have gotten to see and support many new businesses enter the field of serving local governments with innovative products and services that produce better community results. Together, we have built collegial relationships with numerous organizations – academic and philanthropic – that all share the goal of promoting leading and emerging practices that advance communities.

It’s been a great run – I am grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of this vibrant organization. But it is time for a change – and I will be leaving the Alliance effective November 30, 2017 to follow new dreams and, in turn, make way for new leadership.

Here is the secret. The Alliance is strong and relevant because of the people involved: 

  • Amazing local government staff at the leadership level and everywhere in between.
  • An incredible board made up of thought leaders representing all spectrums of local government.
  • Corporate partners, ICMA and Alliance Fellows who care deeply about helping local communities grow and thrive.
  • Academic partners across the country and our Marvin Andrews students at ASU, working to provide research and resources that produce successful local government outcomes.
  • And a tremendously talented, committed staff who will continue to serve our members and members in the best possible way.

For nearly 40 years, the Alliance and before the Innovation Group, has been focused on how to find ways to make local government better, smarter, quicker, connected and able to apply innovation in their communities. It’s honorable and important work. It’s inspirational work and it is critical that it continue and evolve.

Thank you for letting me share this journey with you. I soon will be cheering you on from the sidelines, but am assured that your efforts will continue to make a difference in countless people’s lives going forward.

Karen Thoreson

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