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Ambassador Connect: Allison Lane

Meet Allison Lane, Tourism and Marketing Assistant for the Town of Mount Pleasant, SC

In our Ambassador Connect series, Alliance Ambassadors tell us a little bit about themselves and their organizations to connect with other Ambassadors.

Allison Lane, Tourism and Marketing Assistant, Town of Mount Pleasant, SC

Beyond the Basics - a Brief Q & A:

Descibe your community in five words or less.

Vibrant, growing, affluent, coastal.

What is your community currently working on?

Just last month our new Town Hall was finished and work on the new Town Hall Gym and a new park in place of the previous building has begun. Throughout the town, projects are underway to further enhance existing parks, roads, and stormwater and drainage systems. Internally, we are working on optimizing workflow and internal work effeciences, obtaining national accreditations from professional organizations for all possible departments, increasing sustainability, promoting transparency and community involvement, and preparing for all emergency events.

What are you hoping to achieve by being part of the Alliance for Innovation?

I hope to learn and share ideas about various ways to advance local government. I am excited to find inspiration in other communities and to work to implement those ideas here while also sharing any advances and innovative practices from my own community.

Outside of local government innovation, what is one hobby you have?

Painting with watercolors.

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Town of Mount Pleasant, SC

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