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Ambassador Connect Special Addition: Greg Stopka

Meet Greg Stopka, Strategy and Innovation Manager for the Park District of Oak Park, Illinois

Greg Stopka

As part of the Alliance’s mission to inspire innovation to advance communities, we seek to connect thought-leaders. In our Ambassador Connect series, Alliance Ambassadors tell us a little bit about themselves and their organization.

GREG STopka, Strategy and innovation Manager, Park District of Oak Park, IL

Beyond the Basics - a Brief Q & A:

Descibe your community in five words or less.

Innovative, fun, diverse, historic, awesometacular

What is your community currently working on?

  1. Community-wide wellness campaign
  2. Dinnovations:  discussions regarding the future of parks and recreation
  3. Customer loyalty program
  4. “Secret Shopper” program

What are you hoping to achieve by being part of the Alliance for Innovation?

A will be linked into a diverse network of forward-thinking local governments to connect to and obtain resouces to drive innovation in our organization. 

Outside of local government innovation, what is one hobby you have?

I have played the violin since I was a kid.

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Park District of Oak Park, IL