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Ambassador Connect: Michele Rodriguez

Meet Michele Rodriguez, Director Development Services at the City of San Pablo

As part of the Alliance’s mission to inspire innovation to advance communities, we seek to connect thought-leaders. In our Ambassador Connect series, Alliance Ambassadors tell us a little bit about themselves and their organization.

Michele Rodriguez, LEED AP, AICP, Director of Development Services, City of San Pablo, CA

Beyond the Basics - a Brief Q & A:

Descibe your community in five words or less.

An All American City

What is your community currently working on?

  • Citywide Broadband Master Plan: Environmental complete, engineering design being reviewed.
  • New City Hall: Sale and redevelopment of existing City Hall to a mixed-use residential.
  • New Women, Children, and Infant Services building: In design review.
  • New Fire Station: In environmental review.
  • Expansion to the existing County medical services building: Concept plans reviewed.
  • Update to the Residential Design Review Guidelines, and associated zoning changes

What are you hoping to achieve by being part of the Alliance for Innovation?

Ideas for service streamlining, methods of effective multilingual communication, sharing ideas and hearing from other cities. 

Outside of local government innovation, what is one hobby you have?

Running hillside trails.

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