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Ambassador Connect: Donna Robole

Meet Donna Robole, Human Resources Manager at the City of Stillwater, MN

by Donna Robole

As part of the Alliance’s mission to inspire innovation to advance communities, we seek to connect thought-leaders. In our Ambassador Connect series, Alliance Ambassadors tell us a little bit about themselves and their organization.

Donna robole, Human Resources Manager, CITY OF Stillwater, MN

Beyond the Basics - a Brief Q & A:

Describe your community in five words or less. 

Historic, thriving, involved

What is your community currently working on?

  • Maintain High Community Standards
  • Develop and Enhance Messaging
  • Develop City Branding Initiative
  • Promote Economic Development
  • Downtown Plan Update
  • Events Strategy and Policy

What are you hoping to achieve by being part of the Alliance for Innovation?

To discover, explore and appreciate the new and the curious in service to the City of Stillwater, MN

Outside of local government innovation, what is one hobby you have?

Horticulture (primarily indoor/outdoor plants and flowers)

More About Donna Robole

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