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Best Practices? Yes, in Your Own Backyard

Do you think that best practices are things that OTHERS are doing? Think again; you may deserve more recognition than you know.

Often, the somewhat humble mindset of managers leads them to believe that best practices are those great ideas that others come up with. But think about two things.

First, while it’s true that some other jurisdiction may have taken that first step, it’s just as important to be among those who know a good approach when they see it and follow the leading wave.

Second, you may be on that leading wave but not know it.

In either case, your commitment and steady work at implementation may deserve recognition by the ICMA Certificates in Performance Management program.

Here are some questions to ask yourself. Do you:

  • Compare to prior year performance?
  • Include performance data in your budget or on your website?
  • Benchmark with other jurisdictions?
  • Provide relevant training to your staff?
  • Consider outcomes or strategic goals?

If so, you may qualify for one of the three levels of performance management certificates. The goal of the certificate program is to advance the practice of professional local government management by recognizing jurisdictions that instill a culture of performance management, pursue comparative analysis and data-informed decision-making, and promote transparency. Certificates of Excellence (highest level), Distinction, and Achievement honor jurisdictions that have incorporated the principles of performance management at varying levels into their organizations.

Review the criteria and application details and apply by Friday, May 5, 2017. Recipients will be recognized at the ICMA Annual Conference in San Antonio/Bexar County in October. Questions? Contact Gerald Young at ICMA at

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